Day 52. Keeping Busy.

Today was supposed to be a quiet day followed by an evening of improv greatness. I was planning on catching up with my photography and prepping my autobiography blurb and setting up a portfolio for the blog that I want to photograph and write for. (Preferably without ending sentences with prepositions.) However, a good friend of mine needs help moving (his earlier apartment burned down) and I shall gladly oblige.

One of the things that came out of these recent times is that I do not really have any close friends that I could call at any time to talk about my shit. I do have those kind of friends but they live thousands of miles away in a very different time zone. As my mind tech has noted, this is a long time without true emotional intimacy. A perfect example: I am not sitting at home, typing this post on my computer. I am at a bar where I came to see an acquaintance that is moving to New York. I feel so insanely uncomfortable because I do not know anyone else here that it is actually preferable to sit alone on a bench than try to interact.


I raise this glass to old friends and hopefully some new ones.



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