Huh? WTF is wrong with you?

Here’s one of the reasons why Yours Truly has so few friends. Recently, I have had a dubious pleasure of watching a film entitled “White House Down”. If you ever have an opportunity to watch it, don’t bother. It did however have an interesting twist at the end and I would without a doubt watch the sequel about this situation.


So the legitimately elected President of the United States is declared unable to fulfill his duties and is replaced by his vice-president who is promptly killed. As the line of succession dictates, the Speaker of the House is then sworn in as president. But (SPOILER ALERT!), the Speaker is the bad guy and is revealed as such and is promptly detained thereafter. Except that he is the President of the United States and one would assume that the president cannot just be detained. But here’s the most frustrating thing: the movie ends on the most interesting – for me – part. There’s the elected president who has been declared unable to fulfill his duties and was replaced by other, who in turn, upon his untimely death is replaced by the bad guy who does not get killed. So we got a “former/original” president who is treated like an actual president and an actual president who is detained and is being treated like a criminal. Can you see the constitutional crisis brewing? Now that’s a movie I would watch!


Tinder… Smolder… A Burn Is A Burn.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been chatting with a young lady with the same first name as my blessed ex. We have been sending SMS’s back and forth. I have her designated in my phone as “‘name’ (The Good One)”. However, every time she sends me a text message all I see is her first name and, like Pavlov’s dog, my heart goes “KA-BOOM!”

Day 69. My Dark Passenger.

Two nights ago, while drinking a pint of beer, I thought that I might be regaining my sense of humour. Earlier that morning I had an ironic thought. Like, is there a 12 step program to quit the power greater than me, i.e., the love of my life? Or am I just supposed to drink?

But of course therein lies the problem: this is undeniably “my” sense of humour which is rather on the dark and depressing side. I have always considered my sense of humour to be one of my greatest assets even though I have not always used it for the power of Good and have managed to alienate some people. That sense of humour based on my rather negative worldview has been my “dark passenger.” In Jeff Lindsay’s books about the serial killer named Dexter Morgan (I believe there was a mildly popular American television series based on those books as well), the protagonist refers to his inner darkness – the essence that makes him the serial killer – as Dark Passenger. We’ll my sense of humour is my dark inner essence. I wonder if it will stay…

Day 17. The Sleeping Beauty.

One of the symptoms of depression is not sleeping enough and having trouble falling asleep or sleeping way too much. Although there have been times recently when I had trouble getting to the land of Morpheous because a certain lady was on my mind, I generally fall in the latter category. Once I fall asleep that’s it. Either I will wake up 12 hours later (weekends) or when my five alarms finally get me up (weekdays).

To make a short story long, one of my flatmates had a party. I have not been in the party mood as of late so I headed of to bed. Apparently the party got so loud that the cops have been called in and gave my flatmate a fine. I slept through the whole thing.