Yours Truly is so truly and incredibly fucked. I am currently trying to dig myself out of the whole I plunged into head first at work. Why? Because I am too preoccupied with my own condition. My shrinks say it is a good sign though one suspects that my employer would disagree.

The main issue in this mess, however, is that the only thing that got me to calm down today and be able to function, was to dig out the photos of my EX. The one. One suspects that my shrinks would not agree that this is a good sign.


Just A Few More Days.

It is a testament to how tired – exhausted, even – Yours Truly truly is (see what I did there? I am that tired), is that I have been posting so sporadically and so short a postings. I am really looking forward to having time off work and not being constantly under the stress of obligations. Just a few more days…