Yours Truly

Growing up in a society and culture where “you don’t talk about feelings and emotions” has certainly left an imprint on me. For years I have been struggling with darkness in my mind but at first I thought that this was normal and everyone felt that way. Later, I considered it to be a cultural idiosyncrasy.
In my case, depression and anxiety are comorbid conditions extant out of a learning disability that went undiagnosed for most of my life. To paraphrase Lewis Black, “I got a trifecta from hell.”


Why A Blog

I figured it would be more productive than load up on alcohol, blood dilutants and go cut my veins open in a bathtub.



In the days of muzzle-loading muskets, the term was most frequently used to refer to the first wave of soldiers attacking a breach in defences during a siege. It was likely that most members of the forlorn hope would be killed or wounded. (Wikipedia: Forlorn Hope
In modern parlance, the term “forlorn hope” came to denote any lost cause.


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  1. Hello!
    Sorry to hear that you had a tough time. Me too have difficulties with depression. I am dealign with it. As you said blogging is an amazing way to deal with such problems. I wish you all the best. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch. Waiting for your posts.

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