As Usual, Ignorance Leads The Way.

A friend of mine put this link on Facebook.

DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK AND READ THE ARTICLE OR YOUR HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE! The gist of it is that Leon Eisenberg, a pioneer in the field of child psychology and psychiatry has allegedly said that “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”

The old me would have unleashed the torrent of sarcasm directly in the comments but Yours Truly is trying to become a more social creature and cut down on sarcasm. So I just unleashed a tiny little tinkle of sarcasm. But that does not by any means entail that I will be remaining silent on this issue. So here we go.

What a ridiculous crock of biased, ignorant shit. I’m sorry but it is. Eisenberg gave the alleged interview months before his death and the interview was not published until after so the ole’ Leon isn’t around to explain it. The fella that published the article has a long standing bias against the pharma industry and there are no other witnesses to Eisenberg’s change of heart.

Now, nobody who knows me would ever accuse me of being a Big Pharma’s shill – one of these days I am going to write a little something about Big Pharma and patents. But as someone with first hand experience as someone who worked with children with ADHD and as someone who has it, I can guaran-fucking-tee that ADHD is damn real. I wish that it wasn’t but hiding one’s head in the sand and claiming that ADHD does not exist and that vaccines cause autism spectrum disorders, and that Scientology cured Tom Cruise’s dyslexia will not help anyone, lest of all the people who need that help the most.


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