I Do Not Look For Trouble. I Know Exactly Where It Is At All Times.

This has the potential to be the worst possible idea I have ever come up with or ever will. This week is Her Birthday. While we were together, I had been really looking forward to spoiling Her on that day with anything that she would want. Except that we are not together anymore.

One thing that has really pained me and that I cannot come to terms with is how angry and disgusted She was with me at our last conversation. I cannot move past it. I keep wondering: is she still angry? Did she completely forget me? Does she hate me?

So, I have decided to buy Her a birthday gift. Since she likes the colour blue and her eyes are green and she likes jewellery made from wood, I have decided to buy Her a pendant made from Dominican blue amber. It is not actually completely blue but rather appears to be blue or blue-green under certain conditions. Were it not for the fact that we are no longer together, this could be considered a romantic gift. It is certainly not cheap.

I do not know how She will react. She might freak out or She might decide to take it in the spirit that it is given. I truly hope it is the latter rather than the former. Either way, after this I will have known that I have done everything possible to be nice, respectful, and loving to Her.


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