Day 17. The Sleeping Beauty.

One of the symptoms of depression is not sleeping enough and having trouble falling asleep or sleeping way too much. Although there have been times recently when I had trouble getting to the land of Morpheous because a certain lady was on my mind, I generally fall in the latter category. Once I fall asleep that’s it. Either I will wake up 12 hours later (weekends) or when my five alarms finally get me up (weekdays).

To make a short story long, one of my flatmates had a party. I have not been in the party mood as of late so I headed of to bed. Apparently the party got so loud that the cops have been called in and gave my flatmate a fine. I slept through the whole thing.


One thought on “Day 17. The Sleeping Beauty.

  1. Aaaah …. hypersomnia. One of the ‘blessings’ of major depressive disorder, at least in my case, because once I am asleep I do sleep through both my dearly beloved’s terrible snoring and grinding of teeth! And am senseless to the DB’s rising at 4:45am (brought up on a farm) and various other morning noises.
    It’s one of those silver linings you just have to keep searching for.

    I am loving your blog, by the way! Keep up the great work.

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