Day 16. Back To Real Life.

The last two weeks have been an emotional whirlwind. I managed to take time off work to deal with everything that was going on but the “vacation” (holiday for the British readers) is over and I am back in my office day job, the bill-paying kind.

Needless to say that my anxiety level is pretty high but that normally that is the nature of my occupation at the best of time. What makes this worse is that over the past few weeks I have completely fallen apart and became an emotional mess.
What makes it better is the fact that I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom and I have worried myself out. Plus, there is not so much as hope but rather a direction I am moving in instead of just flapping helplessly in the winds of change.

Today us also my second appointment with the head doc.

I’m hoping that I will be able to get in the groove of things and get my mind of the heartbreak. Of course the danger in that is that I will just start avoiding things like before. And that has me worried.

I feel also that in my current condition it will be impossible to hide what is going on with me from my colleagues and bosses for long. *THAT* should make for an interesting conversation!

On the interesting note, my boss has me investigating blogging for our company website. At least on that front I am already all set.


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