We Are What We Read.

Growing up as I did in a country where government restricted what people read, watched, said, it is perhaps of little surprise that one of my most favourite genres became science fiction. In sci-fi it is possible to say things about the future that the author might not be able to say about the past or the present.

Jumping forward to the present time, those who have been following my musings will realise that I got issues. So on my recent trip to the book store, this is what I got:


The “Feeling Good Handbook” was recommended to me by my mind technician. The Kathy Reichs book is because her books are really good. Can’t say I like the show “Bones” but the books are good. Christopher Moore is absolutely hilarious and I will read everything he writes. I suppose his genre is sort of fantasy but really, it is quite undefinable. And I could really use some cheering up right about now. The other three books are pure science fiction.

So what is it about sci-fi that is so enduring for me? The sci-fi genre is about imagining the most unusual of worlds and circumstances and putting ourselves there. So in that way, this genre is all about dreaming and exploring the unknown which usually signifies the here and now rather than the distant future. Between not being at peace with my Self and wanting to escape, it is easy to see why sci-fi has got such a hold on my soul.

So what shall I start with? Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “We Are What We Read.

  1. Funny, I just wrote in a fever-daze, a article for my sister (she’s working in a literary magazine) about reading and oppression. Feeling good is an excellent place to start, it’s a self-help book, but it would be the first choice for my patients:) I have many books about oppression I would recommend, but think you have enough on your plate already

    Ps: some months ago, an early morning before work I had to literally sit down on the floor as sobs took over my normal strength. Panic attacks only
    Means that you can love with all of you- and that your life will be amazing ! You can hold me
    Personally responsible if not 🙂

  2. I am a China Mieville fan but “Embassytown” isn’t my most favourite of his novels – but then again, it’s not my least favourite, either. Have you read his novel “The City and The City”? I absolutely love that book, and as you mention you hail from an oppressive government, you might particularly like some of the concepts presented … (I promise no spoilers! So I can’t explain why I think you’ll like it, you’ll have to find out for yourself!)

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