Day 64. Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! Take 2.


Every morning, as I wake up, like a long stare directly at the sun, the thought of Her not being with me rips me up like a sun hot knife through my mind and my heart. I chase the thoughts of Her out of my mind and almost right away start feeling guilty as if, somehow, doing so would mean betraying Her.

There is no rhyme or reason to this belief. In fact, She would prefer that I forget Her out right. But I can no more loosen myself from the gilded chains of my memories of Her than I can forget about the piercing shine of the Sun in my eyes. I revel in my pain, I hold on to it because letting go of it would mean letting go of Her.


Abandoned. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated.)


So here is my submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge. I found this implement on one of my walks and it looked the way I felt: abandoned. What poor soul decided to dump this here? What was it in the first place? Did it become old and useless and was discarded? Or did the owner just did not like it enough and decided to get rid of this and get a newer better one, just like I was? I suppose we will never know. But something we can count on is that at least the inanimate objects do not have feelings and souls.