Can’t Hardly Wait

As I am sipping my coffee and pecking at my muffin (I’m really not used to eating this early in the morning and especially being awake this bloody early on the week-end, Yours Truly is struck by a ubiquitousness of a particular setting: walk into any coffee shop/breakfast place/dîner and you are sure to see old guys in the corner. The regulars – the come in always at the same time, they flirt with the waitresses regardless of age, and they ardently discuss what is wrong with the world.
I can’t wait to get this old. For one thing the whole “sexual urges” will be over and done with and, hopefully, the memory of the EX will be buried by failing memory. Not to mention the fact that having the old talk with the guys about sports, politics, and what is going on with the neighbours would be the highlight of the day. How good is that?


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